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    Computers Plus offers a wide array of services for all of your computer needs.
  •  Custom Built Systems (Built to your specifications and price range)
  •  Upgrades
  •  Repairs
  •  Home networking
  •  Virus, Adware, & Spyware detection and removal               
  •  PC tune-ups


We offer reasonable prices for quality service.
  •  FREE Estimates (not valid on service calls)
  •  Labor: $30 per hour
     (Hourly billing is hour minimum and is then billed in 15 minute increments.)
  •  House calls $30 flat fee plus Normal hourly rate
  •  We also offer pick up and delivery service for you in Washington County
  •  Pick up & Delivery Available
        $30 within West Bend city limits
        $45 elsewhere in the county

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